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The Dive Shack Fill Policy

1. Proper certification must be shown in order to fill an Air or Nitrox cylinder.
2. The cylinder must have had a Visual inspection within the last twelve months.
3. The cylinder must have had a hydrostatic test within the last five years.
4. We will not fill any cylinder past its maximum designated fill pressure.
5. The Dive Shack reserves the right to refuse to fill cylinders that it deems unsafe.
Fill Prices

Air Fill                $8 + tax
Nitrox Fill           See Nitrox Pricing Guide Here
Air Fill Cards

The Dive Shack offers Air Fill Cards which provide a discount on Air Fills.
10 Fills for $75      -  Works out to be  $7.50  a fill
20 Fills for $140    -  Works out to be  $7.00  a fil
50 Fills for $300    -  Works out to be  $6.00  a fill