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In order to showcase the beautiful diving in Southern New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy region we have started to put together descriptions 
of a number of local dives sites. These descriptions are written as excerpts from our dive logs, showcasing a memorable dive at the site 
in words and pictures.  While these site descriptions should allow you to go out diving and experience the Bay of Fundy on your own, 
feel free to contact The Dive Shack for more information!
Shore Diving:
Maces Bay Condemned Wharf - An excerpt from Bryan Morse's Dive Log

Information for other Local Dive Sites to be added soon . . .
Tommy's Cove / New River Beach
Beaver Harbour
Seeleys Cove
Deer Island
          Can Cat Beach
          Deer Island Point
          Short Drift
          Wilderness Drift
Casco Bay Island
Sandy Island
Black Rock
The Wolves